a little diddy me and my bass player recorded through the mic on a macbook
it's ok I think, I've never tried to play lead on anything before so that part may not be any good
but it's our first recording, so be kind
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How very bluesy of you. The acoustic was quite fantastic the whole way through. The lead at the start though you need more confidence when your playing it. The hesitation shows but I only noticed it once or twice. The bass was ok.. wasnt really noticable though and well.. Lets just say I wasnt a fan of the harmonica. :P Overall nice job though. Looking forward to future songs.

Crit mine?

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I'll work on the lead. the bass is actually really good, i think it may have been too quiet and you just couldn't hear it.
and the harmonica was just us f-ing around. we found it under the couch and decided why not?

anyone else?
I want Super Saiyan abilities