I'm considering cleaning my strings with fast fret every day, cause I just changed the strings and cleaned the fret board and it's so much easier to play! But can you use fast fret with the strings still on the fretboard?
Yes, it is meant to be a string cleaning product as well as a fretboard thing.
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Yes, it is meant to be a string cleaning product as well as a fretboard thing.

could it be used for a violin too...ya know just wondering
Funny you should ask that, because when I played the violin I used to use Fast-Fret on it. I'm not sure that it made a whole lot of difference, but it did make the strings feel a little cleaner.
Yes you can use the product on the strings while they are still on the guitar. Fast Fret cleans your fretboard and strings, so no harm will be done.
It's an oil, it soaks into your fretboard. It will clean it but it also leaves the oil behind. Which, is a good thing. Your fretboard is supposed to last longer, plus it looks alot better, darker and moist, not dry rotted or something. Makes a huge difference on older rosewood fretboards, you can get them looking almost like a new ebony fretboard. I actually make it a point to wipe it on my fretboards and let it soak in for a minute. I have a bass that is nearly 20 years old and fast fret alone took it from having green crap all over the frets with the wood looking white and flaky, to a sexy deep and dark uniform color with very clean frets.
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I use the fast fret each time when I am done playing. The strings last alot longer. I just run the stick up and down the strings a few times and done.
I bought some surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol for the Americans out there) to toughen my calluses. They coming along fine now, so I'm not using it anymore. Can I use the surgical spirit to clean the strings / fretboard?