Hello, my computers hard drive recently got wiped, and I need to know how to get all my music from my iPod back to iTunes. Does anyone know any applications for Mac that do this for free? Thanks.
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download winamp and copypasta from the ipod
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it will only transfer purchased songs if you plug it in
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Google ipod ripper and use the first free one you find. Seriously, search engines are way more efficient than the pit.

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Set your ipod to "enable disk use" and make the "ipod control" and "music" folder and contents un-hidden.


Go into iTunes Preferences, turn on the option to "copy music to my iTunes library"


Then go "Add folder to library" and choose the music folder in your ipod's "ipod control" folder.

Easy, and no need to download anything. Came up with it myself after my ipod started going up **** creek and I wanted to back it up.