It's a rock song, very new, on the radio alot, and it has some crazy vocal lines.

i feel like an idiot but this is the only lyric i could remember

sing it back, whoaaa ohh ohh oh oh oh

haha. they repeated the melody "whoaaa ohh ohh oh oh oh" after almost every line in the verses. for example:

blah blah blah whoaaa ohh ohh oh oh oh
sing it back whoaaa ohh ohh oh oh oh

well have at it. thanks!
Thanks! I love you! I want to make babies with you!

2nd poster: Yep, sure is. Didn't know that song was around for very long. I might just check that album out!
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Yeah, "Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World," sounds like it matches your lyrics, but it's not that new.
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i used to listen to it a lot when it first came out.

Same. I used to be a huge Jimmy Eat World fan.