Ok, so I'm looking to buy a new amp(currently own a 15W Crate) and I really would like a good tube amp in the $800-$1100 price range. If you guys could recommend me some I would really appreciate it!
what kind of music do you want to play?
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I play a little bit of everything but I write like blues-rock type stuff. I own a Schecter C1 Plus btw.
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What currency is your budget in?

Dollars perhaps. I wonder if that would explain the the $ sign. Maybenot though
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Dollars perhaps. I wonder if that would explain the the $ sign. Maybenot though

more than one country has a Dollar, not just teh USA lol
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without really knowing what you play or what sound you're going for (though if you play a schecter its probably a metal sound), If I had $800-1100 to play with I'd go for an Orange Tiny Terror. Its a 15W all tube head. Minimal features (I think it only has 1 tone knob, not bass/mids/treble, and I'm not sure if it has reverb) 1 channel with gain and master volume. It gets LOUD and has really nice tone.
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Dollars perhaps. I wonder if that would explain the the $ sign. Maybenot though


TS, I'm going to take it that you're American, and with the budget/styles you've given us, I'm going to suggest a Peavey classic 30/50. But you might want to try some stuff out for yourself.
you might have more luck with this in guitar gear and accessories, those boys know their amps in there.
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mesa express 5:25 very versitile 5 or 25 watts

+1. Buy any Mesa... You can't go wrong!
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Try out a B52 AT-112. 60wats all tube exceptional overdrive channel and a good clean channel with rev. and eq. appx 500.00 US
thanks for the suggestions, i didnt realize there was a gear forum ill check that out too.