when i record with cubebase everything is extremely quiet! is there anything i can do to increase sound?
thank youu
there are two things you can do to:

1. You can duplicate the track multiple times. that will give you a fuller and louder sound.


2. you can select the track and select NORMALIZE by right clicking the track, going to PROCESS, then there it is!

that should be all you need.

if you open the mixer or just on the left side even, there is a volume control for each track
no no no..

Don't boost low input tracks with a track volume slider or normalize them, you'll just introduce noise and degrade the sound. It's not a good habit to get into.

What you need to do is adjust your mic's gain. Whether you can do it on your mixer, or in software (window's volume control, or your software's 'Recording Gain/Volume-type control') then just make sure you're adjusting the gain high enough so your signal isn't clipping but you are approaching 0db. (highest point you can get without clipping)