I need your help.

I swear, I only listened to a couple seconds of the song, and my dad shut it off, so I didn't hear but a few seconds of it.

I know it was by Van Halen though. Anyway, this is as best as I can describe it:

It was just the drums playing, nothing else, then Eddie comes in and starts doing this crazy tapping ****.

Not a very good description, but any help will do.

EDIT: It was "Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen.
Any song by Van Halen has 'crazy tapping'
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That song is the business, Pundcake owns the show though.

I'm gonna have a VH night now.
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Has Anyone Said Hot For Teacher Yet
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Got it made, got it made, got it made......

I'm hot for teacher!
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im just gonna go with the audience and say C. hot for teacher
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Got it made, got it made, got it made......

I'm hot for teacher!

Got it bad.... isn't it
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