This may be the lowest form of gear modding, but I've always loved the sound of slashed speakers, like on all of the Sonic's songs. I also have an old ss practice amp that's just been lying around, waiting to be mutilated in some way. My question is: is there a certain place I should cut the speaker, or do I just cut it anywhere? I don't want to hack it up and have it end up just not working.

Thanks for any help!
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Ive never heard of this.
sounds interesting tho.
who's done it?

This is how fuzz was created.
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well I have a celestion G12T-75 that has a torn cone, i guess I can try hooking it up and seeing how it sounds.

im pretty sure it will sound terrible.
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This is how fuzz was created.

Yup. I don't think there's really any specific manner. Take a razor blade or a anything really, and make gashes or holes onto the cone of the speaker. Wish I had pictures, but this is what I've seen.

edit: on second thought, I remember the gashes being angled. maybe that will help you out if you go that route.
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Hack away from the centre of the speaker - if you happen to cut the cone from the coil assembly, you won't have a nice sounding speaker at all.
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That was how the early distortion was done before the fuzz face was invented. Course cant imagine a speaker would last long run that way.