So I've been jacking around on GF lately, and Me and some bandmates are looking at retrofitting pups and some hardware onto some off brand guitars we have, so we can have more to work with during shows. You can never too many backups. Thing is, I don't know anything about it their stuff...

I'd like to know about the quality of their hardware and pickups, mainly, but info on the whole guitars and the modboards would be appreciated as well. Anything you happen to have used, basically.

(I seaarched, btw...all I found was random mentions of the name and some info on tuners)
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You might try Harmony-Central for reviews : http://www.harmony-central.com/

From GFS, so far I have bought (for an Epi Les Paul):

FAT PAT Pickups (Neck and Bridge)
500k Push\pull pots
3 way switch.

So far I am happy with what I have bought and plan to buy from them again. Probably get some pickups for my Strat.
Their stuff tends towards the cheaper end of the spectrum, but if you're working on backup guitars that's proably exactly what you need. It's not an awesome deal but it's not extra crappy either- just a good alternative if you're on a budget.
Yeah, price-wise, they are very low end.
Performance-wise, I think they do pretty damn good. I'm pleased so far.
As far as longevity, only time can tell.

I can warmly recommend the GFS Power Rails. I recorded this short idea with them yesterday: http://printf.no/music/Dark%20Star.mp3

Here's another song I'm working on where I use GFS Power Rails exclusively: http://printf.no/music/mstr/Space%20Time%20Matter%20War.mp3

I also have a set of Fat PAT's in the neck, they have a silky smooth tone with a crystal top end.

Edit: actually, I'm hoping I can get an endorsement deal with GFS some day (: He-he!
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Some of their stuff is hard to screw up like hardware, pickguards. But some of their stuff is just way to cheap to be quality. Like their 12 dollar wammies. Dont know about their pickups never tried any. But for the price they get they are made in asia at the same place the factory pickups in many offbrand guitars are made. So might be better might not. I got some of their good as grover tuners, and well they were no where near grover. They were the same cheap korean brand tuners that came in my guitar that wouldnt stay in tune. Its a matter of you get what you pay for.
Pups are great, but alot of hardware is not. Modboards also kinda suck. whatever you do, don't buy their tuners.
Quote by SVStee
Pups are great, but alot of hardware is not. Modboards also kinda suck. whatever you do, don't buy their tuners.

^ That seems to be the general consensus, then?

What about their other hardware? The tremolos apparently aren't good, but I was looking at getting one of their bridges for my bass.
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I have NO problem with their tuners, their hardware you can tell is a little bit low quality, the chrome isnt that good. their pickups are nice for the price, and their bridges are average quality. for the price their stuff is good.
wat about the LFR's on GF? they're an awesome price but it almost seems too good to be true.
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They're pickups are good, but the hardware is nothing to scream about.

And why the massive necro-bump?
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Quote by Baby Joel
They're pickups are good, but the hardware is nothing to scream about.

And why the massive necro-bump?

haha necro-bump.

Anyways, hardware is no good? What if I want to replace the hardware on my cheap ass starcaster? don't see how it can't improve the guitar. Apparently, the wilkinson is pretty solid.
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In terms of quality GFS humbuckers are equal to the better epi stuff and their single coil pickups are as good as the stuff fender puts in their standard MIA guitars. This isn't what I would consider "good" but for most people that are on a budget it's "good enough". I would never look to GFS for an upgrade in quality but if you are looking to go from high output to low or low to high and you don't have a lot of money to spend then they are a good option. If you can scrape together a few more $$$ then tonerider is a better "budget" alternative.
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