i have to make two (political) cartoons relevant to the year 1984 for a social studies project. i have one idea and i was wondering if you guys thought i would get in trouble for it being inappropriate. i wrote an article on the 1984-85 ethiopian famine, and i was thinkin i could draw a bunch of skinny people and one says dont worry we wont be starving for much longer...the joke being that they are still starving 20 years later. i know cruel..but if this isnt a good one can anyone please give me some ideas? ive been working on this project since 730pm and this is the last thing, ive already typed 22 pages in word size 12 font and im really ****in exhausted i have to wake up in 5 hours. so please help
i don;t think reality is all that cruel, doesn't sound that bad to me, but, i'm not overly sensitive to these kind of things anyway.
regardless i have 2 make 2 unique cartoons so one ethiopian cartoon wont do. anyone have any ideas for cartoons relevant to 1984? reagan smash perhaps?
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Check this site out maybe you might get ideas.

Not cool.



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Well I thought I had an idea, but I got completely derailed by Goon's link.
1984, eh?
Soviet Russia jokes are always funny.

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I'm not clicking that link, it is a Rick Roll?
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