i have a morely classic wha and all i can say is that it sucks. so i dont use it anymore after getting my dunlop db02.

anyway the question i have, is it possibal to mod it to be a volume pedal. its dosent use a pot but insted a light like all morley pedals.
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Depending on how good you are with electronics, it's definitely possible - but probably not that easy. You need to use the LDR (light dependent resistor) to increase/decrease the volume of the signal going through the pedal. With a conventional pot-based wah, you can send the signal straight through it but it won't sound that great if you just send the signal through the light/LDR combo.
I suggest you try and get a schematic and just work on modding the pedal to sound a bit better. If you can post a schematic here, I'm sure a lot of people could help you work something out.
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the morley site has the schem. free for download but i dont have a pdf opener on my computer.

i dont have any idea on how to do it seeing as im not good with electronics, if i post a pic would anyone be able to give me a step by step guid on how to do it?