I've plugged my guitar into the amp, then the amp into the computer.
When I've done this before, I can hear myself through the computer's speakers, but right now I can't.
Anyone know why? Do I have to change some settings?

Thanks in advance.
Any other sound input devices plugged into your computer? I hate it when I have my webcam and amp plugged in, and I start recording and I hear the crap recording quality of my webcam.

So yeah make sure you don't have anything else plugged in.
Audacity, but, normally I can hear it through the computer's speakers, whether I'm in a program or not.
Have you checked to make sure the speakers cable is plugged in right? Do you get any sound from winamp or whatever you use? Are the volumes up for the input you are using?
Is your soundcard set as the default input device etc. in windows sound manager ?
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