I downloaded a song of a myspace player. It went into WMP, but the name of the song was wrong. I'm trying to add it to my mp3 player and I want the correct name of the song but WMP won't let me change the name of it. >_<
The highlight-click thing doesn't work, and neither does right-clicking. Help?
MP3s are encoded with the song info when they are recorded, if you recorded the song, (say in audacity...) then you programmed the file wrong...

one way to fix it is to burn it to a CD, rip it off to the desktop, then encode to MP3 with the correct file info.
I think I fixed it. I don't know what I did, but suddenly it's letting me change the name.
I added it to my mp3 player, and it came up as the name I put.

So.. yay.