And before I start, this is not a spamming thread.

Anyway...what's up, UG? What did you guys do today? List your accomplishments of the day or whatever.

-Started my first class at driving school.
-Started getting into Van Halen.
-Made up a bunch of awesome ideas on guitar.

I'm gonna be tired, tomorrow, though...
tuned my guitar to open d and am currently learning how to improvise on it
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Call me Paul. I prefer that.
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My day:
- Came back from a weekend camping trip
- Played a game of basketball in the park
- found out I got into UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara)

woo hoo!
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I'm hearing a steady *thump thump* from the people above me and I need some porno grooves to play on my bass to give them some background music. Any ideas?

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This'll probably get locked, dude.

I decided that after selling my PRS and buying an half-stack, that I'm going to get a Rhoads-shaped guitar. My brother borrowed a friend's, and I'm lovin' it.

I also slacked off mowing the lawn, and e-mailing one of my female friends.
wasted the entire day playing videogames listening to music and eating

it was a good day