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Ernie Ball
68 48%
56 40%
16 11%
Dean Marrkley
9 6%
16 11%
20 14%
6 4%
4 3%
hard rockin' steel
0 0%
0 0%
Voters: 141.
what is your choice, gentlemen ?
i go for fender...
though i have never tried the Elexirs and DR's, so...

btw, it would be nice to start a discussion on all sorts of strings issues, here.
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wat? do we click on the ones we like and rate them or do we just click on the ones we like? or do we just rate all of them?
I use Ernie Ball Stainless Steel strings mainly, but I have used DR, and Dean Marrkley Blue Steel's are good too.
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well i like ernie balls and daddarios, never tried elixirs but always wanted to but they cost too much for strings.
Elixirs for me! Had them strung on my acoustic when i first got it and i was hooked there on out. They just hold that new string sound for soooo long on an acoustic, which makes fingerpicking them oh so muchmore enjoyable.
I usually use DR strings, although Ernie ball seem to be popular so im thinking i might give them a go. Can anyone explain the difference between Nickel Wound, Reinforced Plain Steel, Pure Nickel or Stainless Steel. I play mostly rock/metal. Would the different strings affect the sound noticeably? Thanks in advance.
Rotosounds for me, definitly. Although Ernie Balls would be a close second.
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I use super slinkinys,
they are really comfable.

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Well, I picked up my first pack of Ernies not too long ago and they are by far my favorite.
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ernie balls are for me
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I gotta say, I've used lots of brands.... and I just don't think there is THAT much of a difference in the strings that it makes too much difference (when comparing apples to apples.... similar style string to similar style string).

When you are playing/gigging/recording a lot.... and going through string changes often... I don't think that there is a discernable difference.... may be when one spends alot of money on strings they'd like to think they sound better.... kinda like a placebo effect.
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What is it with so many threads about string brands lately?

Can someone start an "ultimate string brand thread", so we don't keep on having these stupid threads?
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I use Ernie Ball STHB, but I've been wanting to try out Rotosounds.
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I mainly use elixirs, cos I live close to the beach and anything else rusts in 2 days even if I clean them 3 times a day. But if I'm gigging the only strings I use are D' Addario XLs gauge 9-42. Nicest strings I've ever used (for the first 24 hrs)
still, not too many votes for Elixirs ; is that because of their price ??...
ernie ball
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I always liked Dean Markley strings, though for the longest time I had to use Ernie Ball because the store only had that. Back to DM now though
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Rotosounds. Sound and feel great.

Made not far away too.

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ernie ball, super slinky, they sound amazing and last forever. i like blue steel's by dean markley too.

I used GHS Boomers when i first started theyre OK
On my Gibson, I use the Les Paul signature strings. On my strat, I use Optima Electric gold strings. They last as long as elixir as they are 24k plated and they sound fantastic (and look it). I use 10s but you can get the signature Brian May set of 9s! They do 8s, 11s and 12s aswell
I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound .010 - .046 and I love 'em.
Got them 'couple of months ago, and I love how they feel and sound.
Ernies - skinny top heavy bottom. Slinkys are too light for me...
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Rotosounds are my favourite. They last forever. Seriously. I'm ashamed to admit that my Strat Copy's strings have been on for over a year (Rotosound Pinks), and they've barely rusted. Also, you get a free high E string.
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ernie balls are for me

Same here. I've only tried ernie's and d'addario's though
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