Worth the $200 (AUS) they cost?

Who thinks its pointless and who thinks its important to upgrade from a soft case?
well a hard case can ensure that your guitar isnt going to get banged up (if you're careless). and they dont go out of tune as much if they are put into a hard case

if you have the extra money and nothing else to buy (and if you lug your guitar around a lot) then go for it, but if you dont.....then dont

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If you travel with your guitar a lot then yes, a hard case is worth the $150 - $200 price tag, IMO.
i think is very important if you don't stay home all the time. the guitar is always a "precision instrument" a needs care.
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200 AUS dollars?

i get mine for around 90.

the decent ones too.

but i buy a gitar with it.

so fair enough.

but even then they are now about 129.
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Sorry about the costs in AUS. Here in the states a hard case can be gotten for as low as 40 bucks for generic cases. And a soft case is not any better than just wrapping a guitar in a towel. Its funny to see a guy I know with a real expensive dean guitar, and his 5150 stack amp. And the guitar is in a gig bag. And with some guitars its just asking to get the headstock broken.
200?thats crazy...
although hard cases are a necessity if u want to protect ur guitar and keep it in tune..

i got a coffin case lined with with purple velvet for $120(u.s.)

try goin somewhere else
A hardcase IMO is a necessity for any guitar player even if you don't take the guitar out of your house a lot. It is great for storage.
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I like soft cases/gig bags because you can carry them like a back pack and they are way lighter. I think if you are stupid and bang around your guitar all the time then you NEED a hard case, if you take care of it at least as much as me then you dont need it. I have 2 acoustics and 2 electrics, both my acoustics have hard cases (well sort of) and both my electrics have gig bags, nothing has brocken...
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If they're not hanging on a wallhanger at home, they're in a hardcase, or at least one of those polyfoam cases.

I've seen too many damaged guitars from people who've had them in gig bags. Regardless of how careful you can be with a gig bag, that's why they call accidents, accidents.

Obviously, some gig bags are better than others, but I seriously dislike the real simplistic "bag" with no real protection whatsoever. If you just can't heft a hardcase, go polyfoam.
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If you travel with your guitar a lot then yes, a hard case is worth the $150 - $200 price tag, IMO.

Hardcases are good for storage and traveling while keeping the guitar safe, but my Gibson USA one weighs a ton. It's not at all portable unless you have a car. Meanwhile I've seen some very nice lite Fender hardcases that you can carry anywhere.
^Technically that case was made in Canada. And yes, they do weigh a ton, but you can easily walk a moderate distance with them without tiring out. and the protection they offer is supurb, all hard cases that is. So my vote is for yes it is worth the money.
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They're well worth it but kinda heavy. Next case I buy it'll be like this:


They're hardcases but use foam. Much better IMO.
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If you've spent an amazingly large sum of money on your guitar. It is definately worth the investment.
I almost cry when seeing people walk out of gigs with expensive vintage guitars bashed and dented.
i'm thinking on getting a hardcase, but nothing's happened yet in my gigbag, but i'm super careful cause i love my guitar. [although i did crack my mirror trying to walk with it on me... i forgot. Didn't hurt the guitar though, just knocked it out of tune.]

Hardcases are great for protecting your guitar and transporting it in a vehicle.

But walking with one .... jesus, walking around with a 6 string bass in a hardcase gives you sore ****ing hands!
definetly worth it, i had my epi les paul in its hard case straped to a little red wagon (dont ask why) and the wagon fell over, rolled, and skidded for like 20 feet and the guitar wasnt even out of tune when i picked it up. so i would definetly suggest getting one
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They are worth it if you're guitar is worth a lot, is worth a lot to you and/or you gig/travel a lot. Also, Hiscox cases are the best IMO.
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Even though I dont have a hard case I do believe that it is important to have a hard case even if you dont use it much. But I would never pay $200 unless its make of solid steal with multiple key locks, barrel locks, combination locks, and laser grid *for the pick gnomes*. lol
You can get some good hard cases at rondomusic.com for nearly every shape and style and most of them cost about $50.
A nice hardcase is a must-have if you carry your guitars out of your house very often.

You never know what may happen...
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No, seriously.
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even with the aussie prices here in aus, look for cases on ebay.
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