hey, i went to post this before but my net stuffd up and not sure if this posted.... ANYWAY

i been playing bass for about a year and a half now, not too good i can play most dream theater and recently been moving onto some victor wooten stuff but i feel like i need a new bass. i kno i wanted one with active pickups and 5 strings.

after looking around for a while i found that i wanted the Ibanez SR305...my local music store doesnt hav SR305's but its got something else called an SR305dx... i was wondering firstly wats the difference between the two.. i kno the dx has one less knob... but yeah its within my price range (lol $900, go easy on me im not even 15)

HOWEVER ther havin a sale on 505's and instead of $1,400 ther going for $900, which is only $50 more expensive then the 305dx, so i was just wondering really whats the difference between the two.

thanks in advance
I own a 5xx series and have played the 305's, there is a definite noticeable quality difference between the two. If you have the money go for the 505 no question.

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As far as I can tell, apart from finish, the difference between the two basses is marginal. The SR305 would seem to have a slightly different variety of soapbar pickups, but I can't confirm that.
As far as the SR305 as compared to the SR505? Its almost like considering a Laborghini to a Toyota. If you could get a Toyota Carolla for $5,000 and a Lambo for $10,000, would you shell out the extra?
Notable differences between the two -
Body woods. The SR505 is made from Mahogany, as opposed to the SR305's agathis. This could possibly lead to a bit more of a tonal character derived from wood alone.
Neck woods. You can either take the cookie-cutter partnership of Maple and Rosewood, or the beautiful Jatoba/Bubinga neck. (Sorry all, I'm a Warwick *****)
Electronics. 3 Band active Bartolini Eq? Yes please. I'd take that over an Ibanez issue Eq anyday. Pair that with two Bartolini soapbars and it's clear as mineral water which is preferable.
Superficial needs? Well, the SR505's finish is oh so lovely, again I'm biased towards natural finishes though. It has nicer inlays, done in ovals, just to kind of break the monotonous dot inlays we've all grown to accept.

Sound like a bit of a one sided comparison? I agree.

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Basically listen to everything Nikki197666 said. They're killer basses
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