so i just finished watch pi and it was awesome. pretty trippy but awesome. im a huge fan of darron arfronsky's work with obviously requiem for a dream and this movie was right up there with it.

its one of those movies, for me at least, that makes you think about alot of stuff. like how math and stuff fits into everything. i personally hate math but i find stuff like pi and phi and the fibunacci sequence pretty interesting.

i was just wondering what other people thought about the film and/or mathematical stuff thats in the movie.

I dont understand the math, but its an amazing film. The cinematography was mind blowing. I loved the fast pace of everything.
You seen The Fountain? Completely different than Aronofsky's other work, but still amazing.
I haven't seen it, but since you mentioned PHI & the Fibonacci sequence, my interests are aroused


THE ASTRAL PANDA σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


yeah the math is a bit complex but if you really pay attention then you can get the drift. its basically the guy was trying to find out how to predict the stock market and found out the "number that God sent" as a key or signal to start Jesus' second coming. that part is all for the story but like the nautilus shape is in everything if you look at the shape of things and stuff. its pretty cool

i havent seen the fountain yet cause my ****ty local movie store never has it. but i want to. i love the cinematography that he uses. it really adds to the plots. i also love how he uses clint mansell for the music for all of his movies cause that guy is amazing