What song and band comes into your mind when someone says "Heavy Metal"

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Song - Cowboys from Hell (Pantera)
Band - Slayer (Not exactly Heavy Metal but close enough)
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sum old school **** like sabbath for sum reason lol
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i think of two bands but no songs in particular

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to tell you the truth metallica
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When people add the "Heavy", I think of Judas Priest or Maiden.
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Metallica - Sad but True
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When people add the "Heavy", I think of Judas Priest or Maiden.

exactly the same here
probably comes from my dad
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Only thing that comes up straight away
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I would have to say Pantera as well actually.

Traditional metal more occurs to me when people say rock.
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The Book of Heavy Metal by Dream Evil
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I actually am reminded of the comic books or the movie based on them when I hear Heavy Metal.

Music wise tho, I'd say Pantera or Megadeth
When people say Metal or Heavy Metal, I think of Judas Priest, Motorhead and Black Label Society...
But that's just me.

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Iron Maiden.
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Ace Of Spades - Motorhead.
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i just think of some really deep voice saying METAL, dunno why

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judas priest.
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i just think of some really deep voice saying METAL, dunno why

Barry White?
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.
Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath is THE definitive metal song.
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Barry White?

I think Metallica.
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The Book of Heavy Metal by Dream Evil


Song: Breaking The Law - Judas Priest
Band: Manowar
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Heavy Metal by Judas Priest.
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Holier Than Thou by Metallica.

Actually screw it, Metallica's first five albums.

Either that or the songs Iron Man, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
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yeah i think more traditional metal....NWOBHM...Iron Maiden, Motorhead, judas priest...

also recent bands as well who are more straight forward heavy metal...black label, machine heads new stuff.

but if someone says just "metal"..thats a whole different story!
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Iron Maiden
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