I'm getting the Steve Vai EP9 for my birthday next week (jammy git I know )
But I also need to find a gig bag to order for it, but I've no clue whether it'll fit or whatnot, so does the EP9 fit into any standard acoustic gig bag? Are there are any that particularly fit it?

Thanks in advance
Christ, how much did you pay for that thing? I would get a hard case for it.
A very good point, and something I was meaning to include in the original post...

And it's £679 (it's my 18th, so I'm getting stupidly spoilt for one day and one day only )
Jammy git! Bloody git even! Nice guit too! hahaha
Happy birthday in advance you young git!
Ok, nuff of that shyt.
Hard case all the way bro. Why take the chance on a foamy gig bag holding it safe and sound? It'll fit into a regular acoustic bag, but I wouldn't bother with one myself. Yep, hardshell case all the way. Have a gander at these: