can old tobacco make you sick. i have this tobacco thats about 70 years old and i was wanting to smoke it but i wasnt sure if it was safe enough. I got it from an auction.
it should be safe, the burning will kill any germs.

id say it will be very dry and stale after 70 years though. but i tried about 20 year old cigars once and they were primo...
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i dunno/...a friend of mine gave me two packs of cigs recently that he found in his dads old stuff from like 4 or 5 years ago and they taste pretty crappy...and the tabacco dries up..,
Why would get it if you weren't sure you were going to smoke it?
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My tobacco goes all dry and shitty if I don't use it in a few weeks, let alone 70 years.

I say go for it though, it could have gone two ways. Either it's dried up and is gonna taste like nothing at all OR it's matured fantastically in 70 years and will taste great, like a well-seasoned wine.
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I wouldn't suggest it. Also why would you buy 1940s tobacco at an auction?

To smoke it.
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