Just a few songs that I came up with yesterday. Not completely finished yet, such as the solos, etc. I'm only a simple bassist, so it won't be so near perfect

As always, any feedback appreciated
Songs [MID].zip
Franic Legion: well to be perfectly honest i thought it was realy bad. it was very happy. the bridge lead was pretty cool

Gods Unholy Trinity: this song is more along my sort of line. the verse had a prett sweet riff in it. it was pretty groovey, and i liked the bit in the chorus with the gat going up the fret board. i loved the bridge, that is wicked piece of music.

Metal #9: it beggins to get good at the pre chorus, i found the pre chorus to rather progressive. that intro riff would sound pretty cool with a harmony.

You have afew cool ideas in there, just keep working on them, your songs are too happy for me. if decide to record/play these songs live, dont use overdrive, use distortion
I generally agree with BKG, the songs you have written have some good parts, and, unfortunately many bad parts. Just keep working on them, you obviously have the talent to improve these songs.

I think my favourite would be metal #9 - some very good solo licks in there, but I think maybe the riffs could be mixed up a bit more, it's a very rigid, intro-verse-pre chorus-chorus-solo-verse-pre chorus-chorus-solo format, and I think the song would improve greatly with the addition of at least a couple more riffs (breakdowns, bridges etc.)

I also think that the song you should leave is Frantic Legion - the song is much too happy, and it becomes a mundane wash (ooh, look at me, Mr. Poetic) when listened to.

If you wish to trade critique, can you look at this?
Hey, sorry it took me a while to crit you back m8. School and all that **** sucks lol.

Anywaayyy, on to the crit.

Frantic Legion : well, it's kinda.... meh.... no offense, but it's not on par with your other songs. but, unlike the others who have commented, it's not your choice of notes that bugged me, no, I'm fine and all with how it sounds, it's the rhythm that I dislike. but the solos were good. I really like what you did on the first one, the progression, note selection, etc. the second one was ok, but too short, unless of course it was only meant as a bridge. the third one really caught me by surprise. tbh, I wasn't really expecting that, and it really gave the song something memorable lol. but I don't quite like how you returned to the chorus. I think it's better if you did a new chorus-like section and outro using the fast tempo.

God's Unholy Trinity : the intro was dark, good, but not brooding enough lol. not a fan of the intro solo, because to me it kinda drift between a happy and depressing tone. everything after that was great, liked how you did the transition to the main riff there, although I got the feeling that the song kinda lacked some punch to it. try not to abuse palm mute too much, as it makes the song more quiet. also liked what you did in the speed up there. cool build up to the solo! but again, I somehow feel the solo lacked some punch there, which made the solo a little less enjoyable. try increasing the drum volume a bit.

Metal #9 : intro was really nice..... 'cept V. I don't know why, but it kinda ruined the intro for me. but you have a pretty sweet rhythm going on in there. solo would sound better on distortion, but the solo itself is nice, 'cept a tad too short. the outro was.... meh.... not too memorable. why not put some lead fading out there? it would sound pretty sweet with an outro solo, me think.

Overall, you have some pretty good ideas there. You just need to work on it! And yeah, I agree with what BKG said, use distortion, not overdrive.