Anyone else get shoulder strain? I get it on my shoulder, probably because of my bag and guitar. My bag has only one strap, but the thing is, it's super light because there's hardly anything in it - only my phone, some pens and water bottle. I've never gotten strain in either shoulders before, but ever since I've started using this one strap bag, it's starting to hurt, and playing guitar standing makes it worst.

The strap (bag) is super-padded by the way
Pulled the ligaments in a fight a few weekends ago and its still painful to play guitar, but for me it's easier standing as my arm is a little straighter
i had to carry my strat in a hardcase and a boss gt8 around uni for a whole day once.
i got home, and it was fine
the next day i woke up, picked up my guitar and screamed like ****.
I need better padded straps too
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Quote by myearshurt
Anyone else get shoulder strain? I get it on my shoulder

No kidding.
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