i could be wrong but i think most guitars can do slide in some way, just need 2 make sure u hav a high action and the pickups are good, also a nice splash of reverb cant hurt
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Derek Trucks uses an SG. And while high action helps, it's not necessary. Also, Jack White's sounds similar to his regular tone (to me at least.)

That guitar, though, looks damn sexy. I say get it. You can play slide on any guitar, just set it up right (best thing to do IMO is get the nut set moderately high and not set the action too high).

As far as slide tone, what it's made from(the slide) makes a huge difference. Check out what Mr. White uses and get a similar slide.
yea ive got a really thick glass slide, i tried so metal ones but found them too bright, jack uses an old kay hollowbody and a harmony rocket for slide, and theres not much chance of me getting either of those in uk

i currently have my crapocaster set up for slide with 12's and very high action bu because its a sucky guitar and i play alot of slide now im thinking of upgrading

all the reviews sound ace and i love odd small companies like italia, my main axe is a rickenbacker copy made by Indie who are another small uk based company and its fantastic

i might go to some shops and ask about italias more, only problem is i cant really play them in the shop cos of my leftieness
Tried an Ibanez Artcore double cut, have you?