ive been seeing it alot lately, what does i tmean

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

phase reversal in guitar pickup context is when you swap the ground and signal wires on one pup and when you use that pup and another one, some of the frequencies are cancelled out and you get a funky nasal sounding tone
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two microphones are recording the same sound source, lets say one microphone is at the distance where its picking up the top of the sound wave, and the other mic is picking up the bottom of the sound wave, this means that are out of phase, so so when u listen back to one mic it will sound normal but as u raise the volume of the other mic the overall sound will go down and u will hear a major difference. phase reversal is where it essentialy flips the audio wave around so teh 2 waves (from the mics) are more similar.

hope that made sence lol
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