Not sure if this is the right thread but....standard tuning is 440 hertz..which is adjustable on my tuner,so can i just set it different for down tunings and such?thnx
if you have a non chromatic tuner, and want to do drop d or half a step down or something. look for a 'flat' button. push that once and tune to EADGBe for half step down or puch twice and tune E to 'E'

if your tuner is strictly EADGBe, you have to be clever and tune 2nd fret E to E for drop D

or tune 1st fret B to B for half a step down and so on.

in short, dont adjust the number
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leave the the hertz cause thats the standard C note for western music, just tune down via the letters on ur tuners

Isn't 440 hertz an A note?
yup horlicks

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