I'm not sure if it is my guitar or just my technique but my hammer-ons sound substantially softer than my picked notes. Any tips?
Of course they do... It's common sense... Or are they like, really weak?
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press harder in the right spot for hammers,
and pull harder on pull-offs.

they're called "HAMMER-ons and PULL-offs.." not "touch and let off"
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Well, not knowing the time you've practiced, I suggest you to develop your left-hand strenght.

You have to give a strong impact with your finger in order to do sound.

As well, try to improve the timing between your picking and your Hammer-On. The hammer should sound great when the string in in some sort vibrating.
Well, I'm trying to play Layla and even the intro hammer-ons are pretty weak. I readily admit that my left hand strength is not up to par, but even if i use my right hand and practically tap the fretboard I get a pretty weak sound. Someone suggested the action is set incorrectly, how could I change that? Sorry, new to the hardware side of guitar, and everything else.
It's most likely my guitar because I just tried hammering on another guitar, and the sound was clear and loud. Could do 5h6h7 on other guitar sounding great, but my on my guitar it sounds dull.
Are you on an acoustic/classical? They are pretty hard to hammer on and pull off on, I remember trying to do it the first time and I could hardly hear it but now my hammer-ons sound decent [just need to work on making sure my finger hits the right spot fast enough]. If you're learning on an acoustic try building strength by constantly playing barre chords [unless you just want to keep doing hammer-ons over and over but that's not fun]. If you're on an electric it should be easy.
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yeah its acoustic, I guess I just have to develop the strength for hammer-ons. Thanks for the advice guys.
Acoustic is exceptionally difficult to do decent hammer on/pull offs on, and to sustain or bend notes properly for solos until you get quite a lote of experience. I've only recently (after nearly 4 years of playing) gained the hand strength to really play solos on acoustic and not have it sound like $h!t.