I bought an epiphone les paul special 2 about 8 months ago and the practice amp is def not working for me anybody have any suggestions for good amps i play allot of metal and hard rock so please give me some tips thanks.
Amazing how people always have to ask for either the budget, or type of music people play.
That seems pretty basic to put in the OP, or it is just me?
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Well firstly, you're never going to get good amp overdrive with an Epi Special-II. The pickups are pretty damn weak and won't drive the amp hard enough no matter what amp it is.

More to the point, currently it sounds like you're attempting to get amp overdrive. If you're trying to play metal or hard rock, you need distortion, not overdrive.

Overdrive =/= distortion. UG really needs to put that in large flashing red letters right at the top of every single page.

I'm also going to go ahead and (I think quite fairly) assume you're an almost total beginner with little need for a gig-worthy amp.

To that end, I'd suggest you get a small tube amp (5watts should be enough for any home practise). Of those, your best two options are the Epiphone Valve Jr or the Fender Champion 600. The Fender costs more, mostly because it gets a second high input channel for more natural overdrive, but we already covered that's not what you want anyway. The Epi is cheaper, but only has the one input - though this would probably be enough for you.

Each costs a little over a hundred, in most areas. Use the left over money to get:

1) A good distortion pedal, or a combination overdrive and distortion pedal. BOSS and Digitech make a variety of good ones; go to their websites for samples, or search for examples on YouTube.

2) If you're really keen on playing harder music, you'll need to upgrade that guitar. I can't imagine you'll be terribly happy at the idea of buying a whole new guitar, so for now I'll stick to just suggesting you change the pickups. Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio both do some good, high-output pickups suitable for hard rock and metal that won't cost you a fortune. If you don't know how to do it yourself, your local guitar store should be able to fit the pickups for you (for a price, of course).
thaks for the info man that really helps me allot i do want to get a better guitar but money is short right now and when i do i was looking towards a good esp or jackson but yeah i pretty much am a begginer im just learnign everythign with this guitar but i also want good sound at the same time..
You might consider a Peavey Valveking 112 and an overdrive pedal (Digitech Bad Monkey is a good one when you're on a budget) to get it to really do metal. I believe you can get it for that much. Other amps you could look at are Randall RG50TC and a B-52 AT112 (might have to go used - you can also go used on the VK so you have more money for an OD). You could also look into a Flextone, it gives you more variety, although some would argue you get better tones with the other amps.
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