so i just got done modding a fender tele to be like the 72 telcaster deluxe with the wide range humbuckers in it and its all set up and playable. at practice the other night i was jamming out and i noticed that my pickups were very high on the treble side. I'm not sure if thats how these pickups are supposed to be or what but i'm used to playing a les paul and a standard tele with a humbucker in the neck position. the wide range ones just dont seem to have as much low end as a humbucker would. is there anything i can do to get them there cuz i really love the look of the guitar and the look of the pickups.
it has 500k pots in the because i have read a lot of reviews on the pickups and they say that with 250k they sound muddy and 1meg they sound way to high in the treble and the capacitor on the tones are .022uf. Is there any way to get them to a smoother sound, more humbucker like without replacing the pups? I have tried many things (turn the treble down on my amp and turned the tone knobs way down on the guitar but still nothing. Sounds like A$$ when i do that.) the problem really only exist when i kick on the distortion cuz it sounds great clean. oh and i'm also running thru a vox ac15 with a ts808 in front of it if that helps.
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Does it have new srtrings? When strings get old, they start to sound more bassy. I've had the Bullets on my strat for almost 2 years now and they sound nice and 'thud-ey'. You could get/make a bass boost pedal...
try a bigger cap, or maybe raise the pickups slightly on the lower side

i doubt a tele is ever gonna sound as bassy as a les paul, its the wood
Adjusting the pickups might help. A different cap would help some and the 250k pots wont make it really muddy but will drop some of the treble. Teles are just bright guitars its the wood. Maybe an EQ pedal would work.
^so a higher cap or a lower cap would be better? i might try the 250k pots. but i've never tried an eq pedal. i have looked at them and thought about them while at the guitar store but never really knew how beneficial they were. any opinions on the eq pedals?