Hi all,

I recently recorded a full band version of a song i wrote two years ago, up until now it was just in acoustic form. I'd really like some feedback from you guys. My vocals aren't great, but I'm going to do a proper take when I get my hands on a decent mic; right now I'm using my computer microphone so quality is bit ****e.

Golden Green Eyes

It's the first song, the rest are mostly incomplete, but if you'd like to listen to them I'm not going to stop you =)

Thanks in advance!
"I didn't know there were ninjas in Japan, did you?"

"Ninjas aren't dangerous. They're more afraid of you than you are of them."

Beating Hearts Baby
Nice track. Its very upbeat and happy sounding. Its got that basic rock and roll feeling to it.

I wasn't a big fan of the vocal melody. I think you can make it stand out way more, if you try it differently.

I liked the tone on the lead guitar.

So overall you've got a good song. I'd say to work on your vocals, and if you can upgrade your recording quality. Atleast use a compressor on your voice.

Lastly BTW, I love the other track "Too Much" Reminds me kind of RHCP.

Take a look at my lowfi Indie track? (I recorded the vocals with my comp mike too lol)
Just leave your crit straight on the song comment.


The song overall sounds pretty good. I like the guitar, and the lead is really catchy. The vocals aren't bad. They don't really pop out though. Maybe after doing more takes you'll get more comfortable with it, and they'll start to come out more. The song has a really good vibe though. Not bad at all.

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