Hey im looking to join or start a band . . . i am a lead guitarist and have been playin for about 2 years.
my main influences are a7x, g n r, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, oasis, ac/dc, him ect. . . Preferably looking to start a rock/metal style band.

i am into most styles of music

so if your in South England pref portsmouth/southhampton area then write back


Hey, I'm in Hove, so it's not ideal, but I could do it. I'm a guitarist too, and I've been playing for about the same time you have. My main influences are people like Muse and In Flames (particularly Muse), but I'm happy to play most things if they sound good.

Maybe give it some time to see if you find someone a bit more local, otherwise I'd be up for it. I could send you a couple of MIDI versions of things I've written if you wanted.
yeah that is a little far mate....we could recordso stuff seperatly and put the tracks together and see how things go?
up to you though
To be honest, my recording setup's really poor at the moment. I'm going to invest in it soon, but there's no way I'll get a decent sound recorded for now. So its probably best to see if you can find someone a little closer to home at the moment.
Dayum that's more south than south east. I'm from Kent. Shame.
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