I have a Presonus Inspire GT. I was going to do some acoustic stuff so I hooked up my Rode, fired up Cubase and was working on getting the levels set. I could barely hear the sound coming thru my speakers. I turned up the gain almost all the way and the sound was really distorted. Even if I turned the gain down to were I could barely hear any sound, any sound that was produced was distorted. I thought great my new mic took a crap, so I plugged in one of my Shure mics and got the same result. Changed mic cable and tried both mic again, same result. So it has to be something wrong with the interface. I rebooted it and the computer, reinstalled the drivers but to no avail. The unit isn't more than 8 months old. Could the pre-amps have gone bad?
I'm not familiar with that interface, but could a physical setting on the interface have been accidentally changed. Maybe a random button pushed or switch being flipped like phantom power, instr/line switch or something? Is the unit powered from FireWire or by a power brick?

Have you searched the PreSonus support site?

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If the unit has indeed broken, then you should certainly get your money back , seeing as you have only had it for such a short amount of time.
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