Ok, so heres my dilemma....

I play out alot, and thus I travel alot in my playing. As my live rig (pedals, guitars; etc) have greatly expanded, I need to downsize my backline.....100w Randall Head and gigantic B-52 cab is too much to carry in a Saturn. Cue dilemma......

So I play in a post hardcore band similar to Classic Case (www.myspace.com/classiccase) which means i need flexibility. And I went to my local store and tried out an Orange Tiny Terror. God that thing is awesome. Its easily loud enough for the band situation. The downside is, Oranges come in waves. So he can get only a couple at a time. I am sort of tight on funding, and so I can lay it away, and trade in my Randall and Hush Super C, then for $365 the TT is mine. The downside is I still have a 4x12 to get rid of and need a 2x12, which would be an Avatar. So then thats more money.

Then I tried a Bugera 6260 that was right beside it...I got to wind them both out, and could get solid tone from both. The 6260 has much more flexibility on tap, but seems like it was less responsive to dynamics changes. I can trade my stack toward it and get right at 300 or so for it and need to pay less than $200 for it. So heres my comparison, feel free to impart your divine wisdom I need your awesome help

Orange TT - $549 including tax

Ups = Killer Tone, PLENTY of available gain. Super responsive to changes in dynamics. LOVES my pedalboard. Pint Size makes it VERY travel friendly. Goes from sparkle to mean simply by turning up guitar volume. Low wattage means I can push the tubes into full saturation and boost for more gain than I'll ever need. 7 watt switch is awesome!

Downs = No EFX loop to run my HUSH and knock out noise. Possibly not enough versatility immediately available without a pedalboard in front. Might be too distinct of a sound compared to other guitarists Mesa Single Rec and Avatar 2x12. Also, might get lost in the mix at bigger venues.

Bugera 6260 Combo - $499 including tax

Ups = 5150 tone with better cleans and a bit less fizz. More than enough available power/ gain. Channel switching a big plus for frenzied shows. No need for external cab, but have the option if I want it. Also takes pedals well. Low gain/ high gain inputs. Tube change options (6L6, EL34 KT77; etc), plus dropping a 12AY7 in V2 could help knock down gain to more manageable level. Stays tighter for techie riffs.

Downsides = Harder to push to full saturation without being obscenely loud. Not nearly as responsive to dynamics. Possibly not as durable.

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