Okay me and four other lads started making a band a while ago but its really not goin well. We have a rythem guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums and singer (me). But we had to kick the drummer out cos he got really mad and threw a chair at the bass guitarist once. We really dont no how to get started on this! What should we do??
start by finding another drummer?

EDIT: and just...jam together. lots. learn to be comfortable playing together as a unit. songwriting together comes easier after that.
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Get another drummer...
use a drum machine 'til you get an actual drummer.
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Who ****ing cares if the drummer throws chairs?
Fully functional, friendly bands are the worst.

What kind of music do you play?
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Anyway you should find a drummer that you all know and are comfortable with and see if he fits with the style of music that you play.