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I just got this Gibson SG recently and I absolutely love playing it. Here is a link with some comments about it… (http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_81022_gibson_sg_standard_electric_guitar_reviews) However, I do have one problem with it and I did possibly make a mistake with it. I noticed that when I was playing live (maybe I played harder) but I was always knocking it out of tune. Someone told me to put new tuners in there….but the ones I was looking at took a little bit away from the look of the guitar. I also got it setup and it still goes out of tune. My question is…do any other players who have this guitar knock it out of tune as often as I do? Also, are there tuners that hold it better and still look as cool as the pearl originals.

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SGs are infamous for going out often. Get Grover tuners, it fixes that problem in a jiffy. They look alot better than the cream ones as well.
are they new strings?
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the change in temperature when your playing live could be detuning ur guitar leave it onstage on a stand 4 a while b4 u preform so it can get acclimatized to the temperature
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I've got a LP standard with tulip tuners, same as an SG, and it stays in tune forever but if you are having problems I'd have to agree grovers are the way to go
I am planning on building a custom guitar, (I want to choose all the wood and tuners and bridge and everything) and I was looking at these tuners that are really, REALLY sexy looking and black. They were like 30$ more than grovers, but I totally think that they are worth it. I don't personally like grovers because mine go out of tune really badly.

are they new strings like everyone said? did you stretch them when you put them on? that really helps. If they AREN'T new then you should change them and properly stretch them. Another thing I like to do is when you first re-string your guitar, Tune it to D standard, and leave it there a while, untill the strings stop stretching back lower before you tune to E standard, it puts less tension on your neck/bridge/brand new strings, and I've found they really last longer that way.

another thing, theres a nut around the machine heads that comes loose after awhile, you should check that out also, tighten everthing up, from the machine heads(front and back) to the neck to body joint behind the body and the bridge. (not too much of course, you might damage it)

I've found that alot of guitar technicians that "set up" your guitar, set it up they way they like it to be honest. most people just give it to the store, without saying anything to them and they give it to the technician, so he has nothing to work against. my friend's PRS CE 21 had his bridge ruined by a technician at long n' mcquade. I now do all of my adjustments at home.
Its actually the saddles. Notice almost EVERY artist that uses a Gibson. Go ahead, Google them.
Yep, Deluxe tuners. Gibson's saddles are notoriously BAD from the factory and they should be "notched out" a little more than they are stock.
I've had many Gibsons and only one had Grovers and thats because I bought it used that way.
So next time you drop your guitar off for a setup, ask your tech what he knows about that.
My .02
I dont have any problems, mines fine...
I went to japan for 2 weeks and when i got back it was still perfectly in tune.
Min doesnt give me to much trouble, But if i push to Hard on the G and B string i can make it Sound Sharp, but on the Whole the guitar stays in tune pretty good.
Lube the nut with graphite (pencil lead) and chances are the problem will be solved.