My brother is looking at getting a new Guitar and Amp, and since i know what im doing for buying basses my parents asked me to help him make an informed choice on his new package for his birthday/graduation gift a total of $1450-1650.

He is looking at 1000 for the guitar, has tried a Gibson Flying V and loves it, along with a few other guitars. So we have 450ish, for his amp, plus anything he is willing to throw in of his own money up to 650.

Ive read though the ultimate sticky, about buying a guitar and know what to look for the most part, and we have picked out a few guitars he wants to try, But i know next to nothing about guitar amps. I dont know what brands too look at, i tried looking at well know bass companies Ampeg and Ashdown but they didnt have much in the way of guitar amps.

Are there any real guidlines i should be looking at, or any companies to avoid such as Behringer, which have a notoroius reputation with bass amps?

Also has anyone owned a recent flying V, and had any problems with it?
Ok, a few good Amp Makes to look at : Marshall, Line 6, Peavey, Crate and Vox

Matter of opinion Really.

And theres not much that can go wrong with a flyring v, except it is uncomfortable to sit down with
when youask for help with buying amp you ALWAYS have to say wich style you play.
And 3/4 of the sound depends on amp.
So...spend 1000 on an amp and 450 on a guitar.
it's better. Trust me.
Every one will tell you that.
So...tell us the style he plays and then we might be able to help ya.
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First things first what kind of music does your brother dig? We wouldn't recommend anything until we know what kind of material he likes to play.

Generally you want to spend more on amplification than on the guitar as about 90% of the end sound depends on the amp. But you could get away with $1000 on the guitar and $450 on the amp just as long as the amp will be for practice and not gigging. If he is going to gig then you may want to spend $1000 on the amp and $450 on the guitar. He might not have the glam of a top end guitar but his ears will love you forever. Saying that theres some stunning guitars out there for $450.
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Ok, a few good Amp Makes to look at : Marshall, Line 6, Peavey, Crate and Vox

Out of the above i would only say there are three good amp makes, forget line 6 and crate if you have 1000 bucks to spend.

What styles of music?
My brother plays all styles, mostly hard rock and metal, be he does play some clapton and hendrix, and classic rock.

I dont really have much control over convincing him to spend more on the amp becasue he has decided on a flying V, hes only 14 but been using a peavy for the past 3 years, so its hard to convince him.