At the moment, I'm doing my nut in trying to get a decent rock tone out of my amp. I play alternative rock such as Thrice, Amplifier, Radiohead and the like and I'm having a hard time getting a decent tone, mainly from the amp.

The sound is too bright despite the Blues Junior being on 12 with the bass setting. I use a Stratocaster, so that's an obvious culprit, but surely there must a way around that? John Frusiciante achieves such an amazing tone which is overly bright out of his guitar.

Any advise?

Your guitar comes with a tone knob. Use that.
I'd also recommend using the neck pickup, and boosting mids.
You don't have to touch the treble, since the guitar tone knob takes care of bleeding off the treble.
A speaker swap can do wonders for the FBJ, especially as you're aiming to use it for a style for which it wasn't really designed. The Eminence Cannabis Rex is a good place to start, or a Celestion Greenback - though I had trouble finding one with 8ohm impedence.

A light overdrive can work wonders too, if you use the amp's built-in preamp gain it's going to sound horribly fizzy and bright. The best way to get overdrive out of the Blues Junior is to turn the master right up, but if not then any kind of tube screamer clone will achieve a similar sound.
You've got a superb little amp there, but it'll take some tweaking to get the sounds you require.

EDIT: Forgot to mention valves! Swap the EH 6L6s with JJs or Tung-sol 5881s (you'll need a rebias for these), and the preamp tubes for Philips JAN, JJ Tesla or Harma valves. IF you get your gain from a pedal, replace the phase inverter with a 12AX7 for a softer and more rounded gain stage.
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turn the presence and trebele down
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Thanks for your input guys.

I'd do what you suggested kyle, expect that I don't have much money at the moment.
I just shelled out a fairbit on pedals! :/

It also seems like my tone knobs don't really do that much? I play a Fender 70's Classic Player Stratocaster.

make sure you're turning down the tone knob for the right pickup, my strat which is HSS has two tone knobs, for each single coil, the dual coil doesn't have one

I wouldn't mind switching the middle tone knob to the humbucker though, its way to hot for cleans
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Hmm. I think I've found the tone I want now, but I think I will definatley save up and buy another heavier rock amp. I'll definatley keep the Blues Junior tho, I'm a big Floyd fan, so I'll keep it for cleans.

I could have an awesome rig by splitting the signal! Would this be difficult to do?