Ok guys, something that I've noticed recently, is that when I play, I get a HELLUVA click every time the pick passes the strings.

It got suggested to me that the clicks were from my balancers being too skewed towards treble - I usually keep my treble eq pretty high, so I dropped it for a while, to see if the problem was due to too much treble picking up the snap/click of the strings when picked. Nope. Didn't work, even with the treble off and my mids low...I even get it when the only eq even -on- is bass.

It's especially noticeable when I play fast, and for someone who plays a lot of shred, the ensuing CLICKCLICKCLICK etc is really, really starting to get to me.

Any thoughts on causes/cures for my issue?


Try the neck pickup and use your tone pot to roll off some of the treble. Also, what kind of pickups and picks are you using?
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too much gain?
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DrNick - I'm using SD designed pups in a Jackson DK2S, one bridge hum - TB4, and middle is STK-1 single coil. The neck pup is a sustainiac (holds sustain when activated, when it's off, sounds like a humbucker, i reckon.) I've used various picks, thick to thin, cellulose, plastic, metal. All have the same problem. I just tried, and rolling the tone does help me out slightly, but not that much. Also, the neck pickup doesn't help that much.

shredhead22 - nah...Even on like, my acoustic amp setting (I use a cube 60 btw), with gain all the way down, it's still there.

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try playing the guitar thru a different amp, and vice versa.
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change the angle that you hold the pick at. see if that makes a difference.
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change the angle that you hold the pick at. see if that makes a difference.

This. If you're holding the pick parallel to the strings, you'll get a click. Gilbert describes pick angle in this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpJNUGHxC3M
sound clip?!?

i'm curious to see whats going on.
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