Hi, I am truely a beginner that would love to learn guitar. I have selected 3 guitars, and would like to know your opinion about them. Im a beginner looking to learn, so nothing too expensive... Thanks!

P.s. any other suggestions are welcome

Epiphone G-310 SG


Epiphone Les Paul Special II


Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar
i'd take a closer look at the Epi SG...
anyway you should play 'em at a musicstore before you buy the one of your choice
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The epiphone les paul special II is an ok beginer guitar, it looks very cool and plays ok for the price. I was actually shopping for an electric last week, and played the special II and and then played the next step up from the specail II ($269) and there was a huge difference. You only have 1 toner and 1 volume control on the splecial 2, as compared to the next step up Epiphone les paul, you have 2 volume and 2 toner which let you tweek the sound a little better. If you are looking for a more blues jazzy sound, i would recomend a semi-hollow body, which Ibanez makes a sick beginer hollow body for around $300. Good luck!
I would recommend the SG or the Yamaha.

Thin neck which is really good for a beginner

But as always go try them out at your music store.
Do NOT get an epiphone sg g310, the pickups and pots are terrible, plus it weighs a ton when a sg is supposed to be light. I would checkout the yamaha people say they are a great starter and worth the price. I'm not a strat fan and never found a lefty one to try out.
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Definitely not an Epiphone lower than the G-400 vintage or the Les Paul Studio. therefore, don't get the epiphone Special or G-310.
I'd go for the yamaha, personally. But, you should also look into an SX series guitar, or an Agile. you can find them here:www.rondomusic.com
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Depends what you want to play, oh and for reference I'd avoid the Epi LP special II and go for the 100 or the standard if you want a LP or, my first guitar, an Aria PE Elite (its the ultimate beginners guitar IMO)