Me and my mate might be doing a stand-up gig together in a month or two. I would like to get a gauge of what you guys think of our style. To do this you could listen to our podcast.


Now, before you listen and tell me what I know you'll say. All of our podcast is just us talking, anything funny on there is just coming out. For the gig we will be sitting down and actually writing material for it, and it should be about 20 minutes long. We will also up the tempo alot, and keep it high energy.

Also, bad sound quality, neither of us sound ball-less like that in real life.

Cheers guys,
i like the guitar intro.
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Just sounds like rambling to me. Definately needs more preparation.

And the intro and jingle takes up 50 seconds! dude...
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id say it would need more prep time aswell. To much talking to.
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