Hi there, I am thinking of going down the Multi-FX road so I can get good sounds at bedroom levels, but I was wondering how similar the amp models on the Tonelab were to the Chrome Valvetronix series? I had an AD50VT and wasnt too fussed on it, it was muddy and I didnt like any of the amp models past the UK70s (found them all to sound "flabby" and unresponsive) so I was wondering whether it was exactly the same modelling in the Tonelab LE or whether a Tonelab LE would sound better than a valvetronix did (I'm using a Laney LC15r now but if that didnt sound good with it I would get a keyboard amp or something FRFR)

Is the Tonelabs amp modelling of a higher quality that the ADVT series or will the amp models sound exactly the same?

I have heard that the Tonelabs modelling is from the ADVTX series (the blue ones not the chome ones) - were the AD60VTX + AD120VTX valvetronix's better at modelling amps than the AD50VT?
I'd place my bet on the Tonelab's being better.
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i hope so! non of my local shops stock them so I cant really try one, I just hope they arent as bad as the AD50VT (which wasnt to bad but i wouldnt want one again, i want the tonelab to be better)
tonelabs a lot better dude, does a great slo impression and a 5150. not as good as the engl mod by the zoom g9 tho its killer
well im not that into heavy sounds, but i have read that out of all the modellers the Vox does what I want best. The Boss apparently comes close, the new GT10 looks good but I think COSM technology falls a bit short of the Valve Reactor. I dont need the crazy effects the boss offers. I just hope it is noticably different to the AD50VT