That's really great, the only problem is the outro, it just comes out of nowhere. If you use the outro riff during the songs climax or some other time (as well as at the end) or something it would fit in a whole lot better.

Some good riffs and just overall a pretty good composition, 8/10.
BTW, the solo was really good

Crit mine if you want (But be warned, this is not your average metalheads music)
Good stuff, I think the song as a whole was very good - the only concern I had was the outro, it seemed to come in too quickly, and as a result sounded a little messy and slap-dash. I think you should try and build up to it beforehand, and then down afterwards as well, to prepare the listener better. Other than that, maybe add a bass track to give it the low end the verse riff is begging for :p

Crit this if you want to return the favour .