Hi guys

I´ve got a fender strat that needs a pick up change. The problem is that it can only single coil sized pick ups. so with out changing to much to get a humbucker sound, they would have to be in single coil size.

I know the duncans and the dimarzio´s but what about the bill lawrence l 45s

does anyone know that one, what does it sound like, is it similar to the l 500 or what.

please help me, oh yeah I have writen to Becky, but havn´t heard from them yet.
go cowboys
Duncan has a JB jr, a PAF-style single-coil size humbucker, and a couple others. DiMarzio has a few as well, i think.
As i already stated I do know the hot and cool rails from duncan, I also know the dimarzios and so far I am not going with those yet, want to see if there is something better out there.

hence the question about the bill Lawrence pick ups .

But thanks for your help so far anyway
go cowboys