When a thread is first born, it is innocent and defenseless. It is vulnerable to many different kinds of conditions, such as “fail” of “gtfo”, and even diseases, such as the deadly “sage” virus. A newborn thread needs to be loved, and nurtured. It’s fields must be constantly filled with moderate amounts of win, and at least 30% lulz. As you see your thread grow, better yet, evolve into an epic intertwinement of perfectly predicted fortunes, and ungodly “GET”s, you will look back at the times when your thread was only beginning, and think to yourself, “/b/… I love you.”

Yea, as you might have guessed I spend alot of time on 4chan...lol

so what do u think
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My nipples. WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!?!?!?!
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Put your penis in a raging hot fire, that should melt the bottle off
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4e574e57363g, despite your first post on a thread almost always being PWNT you kickass.

Go back to 4chan.

And it's 'chillin'.
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I think - *reported*

Oh snap! You thought so too?
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!