Not really help with Kubuntu itself (yet).

I'm trying to burn the ISO disk, but when I try to find the ISO...

^ That's the folder that I got after unzipping the .zip I downloaded from the Kubuntu site ^

Where's the ISO? I checked in all the folders.
I'd try running wudi-cdboot

That's far too much info, if they stated the ISO was in the ZIP file they are wrong.
An ISO would be one file with that information ON IT.
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If I remember correctly, Wubi is the software they added to help windows users install Ubuntu from within windows as either a virtual operating system or onto a dedicated partition. Are you sure you didn't download some kind of source files from the archive?
Make sure you download the .iso.
Oh ya and word of advice with my experiences dual-booting Vista and Ubuntu, install Grub to the bootsector of the ext3 partition and not on the MBR. Then chainload Grub through the BCD. In other words, if you're going to install Ubuntu on to the second partition, install Grub to (hd0,1) and if you have a restore partition - making the Linux partition the third one, then (hd0,2). Otherwise it could wipe out access to Windows and when it happened to me, the Vista Install (Recovery) disc couldn't even fix it (as in it was too stupid to even realise that the BCD was missing, not that it couldn't).

Edit: Kubuntu? Seriously, what is it with people and KDE?? There's nothing wrong with Gnome...

Double-Edit: Are you sure you didn't use WinRAR to extract the files in the .iso?
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Actually I'm installing it on an old computer (256mb RAM, 8 GB HDD ... yes, eight gigs). If I like it , I'm going to wipe my HDD that I have now on my current computer and install it here, and buy an 80 GB HDD for Vista and XP as backups or for games.
Oh, well with my experiences with a computer with an 8GB hard drive and 256MB of RAM (I know, what a coincidence(sp?)) Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 ran pretty slow - I mean slower than XP. Not sure how Kubuntu is with older computers but if I were you I wouldn't take any chances and get Xubuntu - Xfce based Ubuntu distro. It's made for old computers so I can assure you it will run on that.