Hey everyone,

I've decided on getting a synth pretty soon and i wana get one in the 500-600 USD range (that amounts to quite a lot in my currency). Could you guys point me towards some models ?
My only two requirements (and keep in mind I've barely ever even touched a synth) would be:
a) Can make guitar sounds n' stuff like that
b) It would be awesome if i could could play samples from my computer on it, or would i need a sequencer for that kind of thing.

Cheers and sorry for the poor writing, its kinda late here.
Look for used stuff. Synth technology moves really fast, people are always selling old stuff.

And hate to break it to you, but 500-600 USD isn't that much when buying instruments.
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You could try playing with some free computer synthesizers. All you need is a USB MIDI keyboard, which runs about $80 for an entry level model. ZynAddSubFX, amSynth, and Fluidsynth together make quite a comprehensive library of sounds, and they're all free.

Hardware is always better than software though. Don't get a MicroKORG. They are awful. You can't even shape your own sounds on it. I'd save up a few more hundred dollars and get a Korg RADIAS. But vintage stuff is really good and sometimes cheaper. Check out some pawn shops.
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One word. Analog embedded.
Meaning it really adds a lot if it is touch sensitivy, has a pitch wheel (I'm a fan!) and other such funny stuff.