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AWESOME!!! go buy it now!
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I've had like, 1-2 small problems, rad.
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Eh if your a begginer...
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This think has some problems that just suck!
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This think is the crappiest pile i've ever seen1
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Voters: 2.
I'm getting a new guitar soon and i'm thinking bout getting the grg170dx from ibanez. I've played this B4 but not long enough to kno if i want it bad enough. Only bother replying if you do now or have ever owned it. I want you to tell me the ups and downs on this. And can u realy tell me about the tuning. I've heard it's hard to keep in tune.
I looked at one about two years back. Don't. Paint is crap, hardware is crap, pickups are crap, but it did play decently. Just don't expect go more than 2 or 3 years without totally falling apart given it's a cheap Ibanez. If that's all you can spend, look used.
CJRocker, is it good 4 a begginer? And is it hard 2 keep it in tune like every1 says?