Fender Frontman 15G without aux inputs and 2 channels. Hardly used in perfect condition.


I also have a Peavey bass practice amp I'd like to sell. It's time for me to get something bigger.


I've also got 3 Gibson burstbuckers that came in a Gibby LP Custom shop. They got swapped for Dimarzio's. I'm not sure on any specs but they look like this:


If anyone needs pictures of anything just let me know.

Edit: I also have four 360 games that I'm going to trade in unless someone wants to buy them from me. I've got Fear ($10), Mass Effect ($20), The Orange Box ($20), and Assasins Creed ($20). AC and OB were hardly played. All of those price are without shipping...I have no idea how much shipping costs are.

I would like to get 30 for each amp plus shipping. If shipping is more than 15 dollars I would consider going down on my price.
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