Recently, I made a thread on buying a new guitar. I finally bought an Ibanez S520EX for 300USD. Its great but the pickups on that guitar is worse than my low end ltd model. Can anybody recommend a pickup/pickup set for me? I play mostly shred, think Vai and Satriani tone but I like massive beefy raw rock tone. Tone that can turn the distortion into a chocolate cake and when you bite into it, musical drool. Maybe I have exaggerated but you get the point. Budget for individual pickup is less than 100. Don't want to pay 200 for set of EMGS thanks.

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can i ask what amp your using btw, i would also look at some DiMarzio Paf's
I record direct into a computer. So I don't really use an amp I guess.
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If you record direct into a computer then pickups barely figure in the equation - hardly anything of the guitar's inherent tone comes through that kind of software.
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the s520EX is amazing!!! but yeh i agree the picups are crapola.
im thinking about buyin some new ones too, and 300?? where u get that from? i got mine for 380 british POUNDS!
and did i post in that thread? i remember nagging someone to get one, anyway, thanks for this thread, itll help me too too change ur sig, look towards the top of the page where it says control panel, and its in there (this page)
btw, can someone recommend some pickups for metal like pantera while theyre at it (HARMONICS!!)
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Worry more about your cab and amp first, then guitar, and then pickups. If you're playing DMs on a squier through some line 6 piece of crap it'll still sound bad, but you can play stock pickups through a nice amp and sound wonderful.
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Yeah the S520 is pretty sweet. I got it yesterday too, used. And I was thinking about Dimarzio but not sure which ones. I was going to go for Rockfield Mafia (B) and Dimarzio Evo (N)
And there is a fine line of difference of pickups even through all that digitial processing
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