So, i've been running a lot lately and trying to get in better shape. The thing is that my current running/exercise playlist consists of about 15 songs. Anyone want to make any suggestions for some good music that fits the situation?
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get a Daft Punk remix on there
one more time/aerodynamic or harder, better, faster, stronger/around the world are good
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in b4 RickRoll

Slam by Pendulum

The Slam video should be motivation enough for anyone to get fit.
Eye of the Tiger
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1. find a buddy who can screamo well
2. record him screaming "your fat" for 15 minutes
3. problem solved
basement jaxx - where's your head at
justice - d.a.n.c.e.
the mars volta - drunkship of lanterns
daft punk - crescendolls
incubus - light grenades
the strokes - reptilia

let me know if you like those
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